Since 2019, Catalyst has changed the concept of Online Payment in people's minds. We set out with the dream of creating a world where applications are not only user-friendly, but also improve the user's life. Our expert team worked tirelessly for this dream. We developed our application, which gives users the opportunity to do all their work on mobile, as a result of meticulous work.

Did you know that 1/3 of consumable food products worldwide are wasted? But what if these wasted consumables could easily feed millions of people living below the poverty line?

As Catalistcoin, we create solutions against food waste in the processes from production to consumption on this path we set out to prevent food waste.

We enable businesses to introduce the products they create from fresh food that they cannot sell during the day to the system and present them to the consumer at cost price. You can choose the one that suits you, make your payment easily, and go to the business to receive the packages. Anyone who is a member of our application with our contracted companies will be able to benefit from these opportunities. Thus, the consumers will not be harmed by the surplus products, and the consumers will be able to have the product they choose for half the price.

That's how easy it is to avoid food waste with Catalistcoin!

In addition, we will contribute to the economy and the environment again as food fertilizer in our organic fertilizer machines (composite fertilizer) by collecting waste food in isolated waste bins, where they will be stored, and collecting them at certain locations in certain periods.

By preventing food waste, you can join us to prevent the devastating consequences of this waste on our planet, and you can support your budget while protecting our planet.

While there is shopping traffic, 4% of the catalyst token will be burned in the pool. In this way, the market value of the catalyst token will start to increase in the marginal pool share. The converter will profit by 4% from the coin he receives.

A total of 40 million catalyst tokens were generated in the project. 4% of every purchase will be burned. 1 catalyst token costs 0.0015 ETH.